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> My work is best viewed on my website at – this is because all media converges, collapses and remains (though subject to entropy / theseus) — as part of a transmedia interface -

Which can then be re-created, reformatted, printed out, re-purposed and fabricated in multiple spatial dimensions before returning to the interface.

Everything is information – so Art is information; digital, analog or otherwise: Contemporary Artworks, in this regard, when emancipated from institutional and traditional constraints begin to take on the form of transmedia, networked content cloud aggregates that behave like black box’s — they…

PHILIPS 2013 [The Guts]

Philips 2013 (2010,2014) Installation View at IMPAKT Festival 2014

Introduction 2021

PHILIPS 2013 is project that I first systematized over a decade ago in 2010. It was incubated throughout much of 2009 whilst I was active on Tumblr and had formed links with R-U-In?s[>] – a Network which was instigated and is chiefly operated by Kai Altmann. During 2009 I was developing a sister network which entangled with R-U-In? called Old Earth Objects [>] – PHILIPS 2013 mutated out of those network structures and became a system in its own right. …

The first time that I really got a taste of the Culture Wars was during Occupy in 2011. Occupy was an interesting moment because it brought people together from across the political spectrum; Marxist’s and Socialists, Tea Party Libertarian’s, members of The Zeitgeist Movement, Hare Krishna’s — all sorts of people were united against the so-called 1%. If there was any unifying mantra, it was that elites had accumulated too much wealth and power, that the post-2008 world was creating a lost generation and we should do something about that.

But Occupy failed because there was no real cohesive structural…

In spring of last year Slavoj Žižek had begun talking about how the Coronavirus Pandemic might lead to the disintegration of free market Capitalism and bring about World Communism /or Jungle law. I hadn’t realised this at the time, I’d not followed him in a while and I missed the articles he wrote for RT — only coming across them recently >.

I had however been arriving at similar conclusions myself, I’d read the World Economic Forum’s infamous article “It’s 2030, I own nothing and I’m happy” a few years ago and the global changes that were coming about as…

I never really know what I’m doing. Do we ever? Art has always been an easy way out for me, I never really wanted to be a part of this world, I went to some brief counseling sessions when I was fifteen, I told her that sometimes I wished the world would end, that everything would be destroyed — she told me that I was borderline psychotic, so I stopped attending the sessions.

Twenty years later and I still wish the world would end, I yearn for the apocalypse, the end of days, I want everything to be made new…

Something strange has been happening – The radical imaginary of the Left is being eaten by something. I’m sure it still exists, in small pockets – its spirit resides in what’s left of Anonymous and Julian Assange.

But it doesn’t exist in academia or the universities anymore, perhaps the last time it existed in any meaningful way was during May 68’ in France and through Guy Debord and The Situationists, before Jean Baudrillard declared consciousness-raising obsolete.

Today it is more or less nowhere to be found.

There are radical perspectives on gender, the body, sexuality and the family everywhere of…

Jurassic Accelerationism, Forced Dinosaurisation & Beehive Communism

Originally published by Tzvetnik.Online in December 2020, this version contains some minor grammatical changes and phrasing edits.

A decade ago I began developing Post.Consumer.Cult, a transmedia content cloud which, like the Ship of Theseus, can have its parts infinitely replaced, edited, remixed, revisited and physically produced if required – it operates as somewhat of an information system that desires negentropy whilst subject to changing environmental states. It was featured in Katja Novitskova’s Post Internet Survival Guide in 2010[1]:, where I intended to include an accompanying essay but failed to do so. …


Published in Rare Earth, Sternberg press 2014


E N E R G Y⋮P A N G E A ( is an umbrella identity and multi-trajectory accumulator for the development of transmedia sculptural systems. The project, in its development since late 2010 works towards the idea of structural collapse and reformation as an opportunity for unforeseen cognitive shifts geared towards new perspectives on lifestyle, the economy and the planet…


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