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In spring of last year Slavoj Žižek had begun talking about how the Coronavirus Pandemic might lead to the disintegration of free market Capitalism and bring about World Communism /or Jungle law. I hadn’t realised this at the time, I’d not followed him in a while and I missed the articles he wrote for RT — only coming across them recently >.

I had however been arriving at similar conclusions myself, I’d read the World Economic Forum’s infamous article “It’s 2030, I own nothing and I’m happy” a few years ago and the global changes that were coming about as a result of Covid, the rising dominance of China on the world stage, post 9/11 draconian measures along with the persistent intensification of the culture wars in the West were beginning to make me wonder if the dominant new world system will be a kind of totalitarian World Communism; as much as we were led to be afraid of the return of fascism (it’s dangerous but it isn’t going to be the new world order) I had started to feel like it was actually Communism that is the real threat, the Trojan horse that nobody was seeing.

I called this new world system Beehive Communism and discussed its formula briefly in my essay POST.CONSUMER.CULT 2020 in December last year.

This text is an attempt to delve further into what I believe Beehive Communism is, why we should be worried about it and what we can do to resist it.

The Authoritarian/Libertarian Axis, Control and boring old man syndrome

In our recent history and collective memory the political divide has been primarily based on the left/right cultural and economic axis; and thus most of us define our politics along left or right margins. However, as political, social and economic changes take place, I believe we are now entering a new era which is becoming less defined by left and right thinking and a new paradigm is now emerging which is split between authoritarian and libertarian modes of organisation.

Simon Crinchley has covered this in his work on Mystical Anarchism, which existed in the European Middle ages; Crinchley maintains that authoritarians believe that humans are fundamentally bad, or ‘Killer Apes’ as the philosopher John Grey theories; thus they need systems to keep them under control so that they don’t fuck up society. Anarchists, on the other hand believe that humans are fundamentally good, in turn they believe that it is exterior structures;- i.e the political, social, economic, and religious systems that fuck us up.

Authoritarians, in this regard — seek systems of control, since they fear that human nature and Anarchy will be our downfall. Zizek, Grey, The World Economic Forum, along with tech elites, libertarians and Nick Land — have thus argued for draconian controls and totalitarianism over freedom and liberty.

I am a huge fan of Land, I would consider myself a Landian in many respects; his writings have had a big influence on me and I believe that he’s the most important and interesting philosopher of our times *time dilation > time spirals — it’s happening*. But boring old man syndrome is real, and living in the safety net regime of China, arguing for more intense restrictions on our freedoms and liberties at the hands of A tyrannical and technocratic data-driven 5G Surveillance State combined with social credit scores and racism is not my jam.

This is where we are reminded that Nazi’s were socalists, that libertarians, when they get too cozy and comfortable will seek the saftey-net of the state to protect them from everyone else; and thus we have an unlikely alliance between Marxists, Fascists, Crypto-reactionary Libertarians, World Elites, and other aging philosophers — all wrapped up in a profound grumpy old man syndrome where men get too comfortable and boring as they age; want to be nannied and looked after by giant totalitarian control systems, fearing the unruly angst of the nu-proletariat and a precariat Zoomer Neo-Serf underclass who might upend and challenge their comfy routine.

Control is the key word here, and cybernetics; Norbert Wiener was very worried about the potential for a brave new world which is totally controlled by machine intelligence and data; he called it a “fascist ant state”.

It may as well be a communist insect state (hence Beehive Communism). It’s hardly all that different, the emerging world system is becoming defined by total control and the erasure of individualism. Globalism had been erasing/or skewing & appropriating religion, spirituality and tradition for a while and Individualism is next as it seeks to maintain absolute control over our lives — via data, which is the new oil, science, and ‘facts’ which are being used to argue for the complete subjugation of our species; because some people are worried about futuristic flu.

Well I guess ‘they’ want to remake and reset the world in their image and perhaps ‘they’ also have a Promethean belief in power, technocracy, data and ‘the science’ over God. There is tremendous power in these new technologies and with it comes huge risks.

In the first episode of Robin Mackay’s Plague Podcast, Land had argued that we should look at the Coronavirus data and totally lockdown society to stop the virus in its tracks, echoing the ‘Zero Covid’ movement, which I will call a draconian Neo-facist movement which seeks to use data to turn us into insect slaves and give Governments even more power to lock us down, muzzle us, vax us and control every aspect of our lives.

The focus on control is important because control is what I believe is driving the move towards Beehive Communism — a reminder that control is a primary tenet of Wiener’s Cybernetics & Society, or what David Icke called an “Orwellian Fascist World State” — he’d been warning those who would listen to him about that for a while. Control is the key driver because it desires specific outcomes and those outcomes will crush us — spiritually, creatively, imaginatively, really in every way possible, they already are.

The problem with control is that it’s not exactly straight forward, Steven Wolfram’s models of computational complexity show us this; you are always going to have lots of unforeseen runaway effects and when you try to factor in new data — you will end up with even more spiraling causal runaway effects. This is especially true when trying to deal with a virus, which is a microscopic thing that evolves at a rapid rate, undoubtedly exhibits quantum wavelike properties and is still little understood. The authoritarian types are operating out of fear, they hope that intelligence and data can help us control the virus and stop its spread and they wish everyone would just play along with what “the science is telling us” so that they can feel safe as they hope to get rid of it, never mind a crushing of the human spirit or laws of computational complexity.

You see it’s never simple, and by trying to control things and gather more data you are likely to end up in a runaway system of complexity with all sorts of unforeseen byproducts, you’ll start freaking out when people are gathering in groups, not wearing masks, not getting vaccinated and when they start protesting, or rioting — you’ll wish you could just control everyone and everything and you’ll wish everyone would play along because you are afraid, you want everything to be perfect and neatly ordered and you think that the State and its scientists can achieve this level of control for you — fascism and communism both operate on this premise.

Beehive Communism is an authoritarian world system, it’s based on fear and control and the loss of autonomy — you just wish everyone would do what you want so you can get your desired outcome, and if that means genetically modifying people with advanced biotech and using cybernetics and algorithms to modify their behavior you’ll do it, so you feel safe. If you need to use machine learning systems, propaganda and the media to make sure people think “the right thoughts” and “do the right things” — you’ll do that too.

However Lockdowns retard the spread so we end up with a longer pandemic, vaccines are certainly no magic bullet, not everyone will have them, viruses are sneaky smart systems and humans can be a real pain to keep under control; even with super advanced AI and 5G.

The Spiritual dimension

Earlier this evening I bought a homeless man two K-Ciders and some crisps, he thanked me and said “I don’t suppose you’ll shake my hand?”, I told him that I don’t give a fuck about the virus and shook his hand, and then gave him a hug — he said God bless you and I walked off, some minutes later I touched my face with that hand, Im always touching my face.

Under Beehive Communism you always respect social distancing rules, you wear your mask, actually you wear three, you sanitise your hands every fifteen minutes and you use your smartphone to track where you’ve been.

You are effectively living in a state of total fear and total control within cybernetics — you’re an ant, or a bee… bzzzzzz busy bee Zooming away in your remote working pod with your Amazon Alexa Earbuds and your smart bracelet letting you know how many extra steps you need to take when you get off work . You are living like this because the spiritual dimension is drastically lacking from your life, and you’ll probably ignore the homeless person on your way home, you’ll keep your distance.

At the beginning of the pandemic we saw Imams in Iran licking the doors of mosques — this is the beauty of spirituality and absolute trust in God, it is what the Beehive Communists don’t get.

I count my blessings and I have a decent amount because I like to chat to homeless people and I help them out where I can, I have more blessings from homeless people than anyone else. Homeless people are closer to God. Jesus taught that a life of poverty and suffering will bring you closer to God and many homeless people are a testament to that. I care more about buying someone a drink, shaking their hand and giving them a hug; especially when they are on the street and probably have a lot of people ignore them, than I do about living in fear of the futuristic flu, this is what God is for me.

But the Beehive Communist New World order wants total technocratic control; it cares more if we are following government guidelines than if we are living as free human individuals guided by our own decisions — in fact it doesn’t really want you to make your own decisions, that’s obsolete. It is using the virus to scare you into a system of fear and it’s working; I’ve seen people jump two meters back from me when I walk past them — and the real fear in their eyes, I’ve seen people obsessively sanitising their hands and wearing three masks, snitching on their neighbours.

Donald Hoffman has written about how our reality is really just an operating system which we use to survive. It is something we have evolved, yet this experience of ‘reality’ is actually nothing like the real and much larger, super complex meta-reality beyond. He gives the example of category theory, the idea that there are mathematical structures which allow for near-infinite fields or categories of reality to exist within vector-space

We know that meditation has powerful effects on the world outside of us, it has been shown that consciousness can change the outcomes of random number generators. We are now starting to wonder if there is something fundamental about the psychedelic experience, that perhaps we are tapping into something shared, something alien, or other ; rather than experiencing some kind of cognitive trick. After-all, normal waking consciousness is a cognitive trick anyway.

By developing spiritual awareness we can begin to understand that there is much more to our reality. New frontiers in science and consciousness studies are in turn beginning to open us up to a new reality which is much deeper, extraterrestrial and complex than we realise. Viruses, consciousness, the body and the world we inhabit is much more strange than we often understand; we live in a quantum, time-looping field of awareness so maybe there are other ways to deal with this virus which are based on meditation, prayer, alleviating stress, diet and looking at how the immune system works rather than trying to lock everyone and down keep them muzzled, distanced and inoculated like animal slaves.

The extraterrestrial dimension

Earlier today, before the homeless guy, I’d spoken to another man. He was wearing a hi-vis jacket which was covered in all sorts of information, there was a patch which contained Neem leaves sewn on the front, he had Q stickers, another patch that said ‘The Galactic Federation of Light’ and random information about the vax and Trump — who he told me is with the Earth Alliance.

I spoke to him for about forty minutes, needless to say he was a very gentle, kind and interesting man, he didn’t say anything racist or anti-semitic as many may presume he might; he was mainly concerned with how we need to evolve towards good and the light. But I thought about his Q stickers and his Anti-Vax and Trump rhetoric and I thought about how so many people wouldn’t give him the time of day or listen to him because of that; they would likely make all sorts of assumptions and judgments of him.

The guy knew a fair bit about extraterrestrials. He told me he once conversed with a Blue Avian — a bird-like being that was concerned for the future of humanity. He spoke to me about Atlantis and Lemuria (we didn’t get into Neo-Lemurian Time War) and we spoke about how the reptilians had evolved millions of years ago and how they are controlling our political systems.

So the Q-pilled, crazy guy in the hi-vis jacket with Neem leaves sewn on the front spoke to me about reptilians; I guess that I like talking to wacky people.

The thing is that I don’t think he was crazy, there is a very real extraterrestrial dimension and I believe it has been covered up, we have been lied to. But it’s not just the cover up, most people simply don’t want to know about it, or they aren’t ready to hear it.

In recent years we have seen the Pentagon declassify UAP videos such as the famous USS Nimitz incident, along with an admission that there are recovered materials and extraterrestrial craft in the military’s possession. We have seen ex Israeli defense officer professor Haim Eshed tell us that a Galactic Federation exists, that there are underground bases on Mars where humans meet with extraterrestrials. We have seen Avi Loeb conclude that Oumuamua is extraterrestrial, likely light-sail technology and more recently we have had Donald Trump’s former intelligence director John Ratcliffe tell us that many more UAP signings are being recorded by military personnel than had previously been disclosed. We are, in effect going through a disclosure process and we are about to find out that we are not alone in the universe, or on this planet!

The question is, are people ready? Are the Beehive Communists ready? If we are walking around in a state of constant fear, wearing three masks, sanitising our hands, tracking ourselves on our smartphone and getting the latest RNA Biotech jab — are we ready? I don’t think so, It’s often thought that learning of extraterrestrials will be a blow to the world religions, but I don’t think so, I think the Imams who lick the doors of mosques are more ready than the triple mask wearing, hand sanitising, Alexa earbud wearing post-humans.

But it’s complicated, information on the grapevine says there are many species of ET here, perhaps thirty or so, all with different agendas;

Some of them are light beings who are concerned with the development of spirituality and consciousness, some of them are feeding off of our negativity and fear, they manipulate those in power;- because the desire for power, status, material possessions and control is synonymous with evil, they are in effect, satanic. Many of them are concerned with what we are doing to the planet and many want to help us evolve and reach the next stage of humanity, some may want to colonise the Earth by creating hybrids.

This is where we are at, I have used the term PlageNexus to describe this period of time dilation — this means that Covid is a nexus point, we are at a juncture, and we get to choose which way we evolve, if we go down the path of fear and control ; we will evolve away from God, we may become more insect or reptile like — like The Greys, they could be a future version of us; The morphology of Greys is characterised by neoteny, they look like overly domesticated, likely genetically modified humans.

It is likely that over the next century-or-so superintelligent AI will be used to organise our society into giant urban hives and we will clear most of the land of agriculture and rewild it. In the urban hives our AI controlled society will be like a giant group mind and we will lose our individuality and privacy — some people will be happy with this arrangement but others will resist it. The beehive structure for future technological-World Communism will suit some people quite well, but I believe it will suit only those who lack a spiritual dimension.

Crinchley has said that the new era we are moving into is increasingly defined by spiritual warfare, if we factor in extraterrestrials — some of which are insectoid and reptilian, some birdlike, some spiritually advanced and some primarily interested in power and control we may see that different kinds of extraterrestrials influence our future development, and we may find that humanity undergoes a punctuated equilibrium event where we split off and bifurcate into different species.

I believe we have some choice in regards to which path we go down, but not all of us will go in the same direction — eventually we may split off in different directions across the Galaxy and evolve along very different trajectories.

Jurassic, Junglist Dystopia and Post-Civilisation

Zizek, in an article for RT has said that the alternative to World communism will be some kind of tribal jungalism; I agree with him, I just want the junglist post-civ social breakdown rather than the Beehive Communist ‘utopia’ that he and his allies so desire. It sucks already and it will get worse; I don’t want to wear a muzzle on my face, I don’t want to have poison and experimental biotech injected into me, I don’t want to have my movements restricted unless I conform to the system, I don’t want to be tracked via a smartphone, I don’t want to be defined by a social credit score and kept at the lower rung of society because I don’t suit the systems logic, I don’t want neo-feudalism or a cybertronic caste system, I don’t want to be living in hive-mind group thinking biosynthetic-goop, and I don’t want to be living in an insectoid urban hive whilst eating other insects and synthetic lab grown flesh.

Hell, I don’t even like having to go to the supermarket and have a screen filming me when I try to pay for my things — I feel a huge relief when I’m at a self-serve that doesn’t have one of those.

The direction we are going > The control, Beehive, cybernetic, 5G, technocratic, data driven, Godless New World system sucks.

What I would prefer is mystical anarchism, ecstatic eschatolgocial millenarianism, post civilization, social breakdown, and an Archaic Revival, all of that. Fisher’s Acid Communism? I don’t know, I’m not enough convinced…many Medieval mystical Anarchists were anarcho-Communists, if we can factor in the libetrarian dimension and the esoteric, I may be more convinced.

Marx thought that Communism would be the natural stage after Capitalism, Communist revolutions that had happened in countries that had not yet Industrialized, such as Cambodia were a disaster. We may then be mistaken to think that the whole world would at least need to rapidly Industrialize before we get World Communism, but Yuval Noah Harari has warned that Automation will create a Global Useless Class >A Neo-Serfdom — if we have a Beehive World Communist System comprised of a transhumanist elite and a mass of useless cyber-peasants it may start to look like Los Angeles in the film Elysium whilst less developed areas of the world will get the fruits of Automation and Cybernetic 5G Control without the need for large scale industrialisation to take place.

In the film Cloud Atlas we see the futuristic mega City Neo-Seoul alongside America After The Fall — at some point after total civilisational collapse America has become a superstitious, voodoo, tree spirit worshiping, tribal hunter gatherer society. In Cloud Atlas it appears that the Global Beehive Communist utopia project didn’t pan out.

During the Post-War spread of hyper-modernity in the West it has become normal practice to criticise the Capitalist system as common course, it’s what most people do, at least within certain areas of academia, media, the arts and entertainment. We have lived hyper-capitalist & materialistic lifestyles, immersed in hyper-capitalist culture whilst all at the same time incessantly criticising the system we exist in, it’s what we are taught to do and maybe this has been designed to prime us for the coming Beehive Communist revolution — where we own nothing and are happy.

After-all, why would you spend your time criticizing communism when you don’t experience it? You should desire it, because its going to be real this time and all those other attempts at communism were not really communism!

Yet when we do go full Beehive Communism, some of us might want to bring the wall down…Ⓐ

But where’s the wall this time?

Mad priest | Goldencrest Shaman | Nǝxtworld Avatar

Mad priest | Goldencrest Shaman | Nǝxtworld Avatar