Earth is currently emerging into Galactic Consciousness (AvatarPrim V)

5 min readAug 25, 2022

I’m leaving this here because I can no longer access my Substack, I got signed out and I can’t remember the password.

I want to keep this short because I’ve been offline and AFK for a while now and I intend to keep things that way, but I want to clear a few things up here and briefly summarise;

It’s the biggest threshold our species and the planet has ever had to face — yet most people are blissfully unaware it is even happening in their lifetime, or that they came here for this … This is The Awakening — key info; we each have a part to play in guiding an Accelerated Planetary Transformation -

It’s up to all of us now!

Species transforms — individually and collectively

/ It’s a rapid Punctuational Evolutionary Event,

It’s the ascension of consciousness into a higher vibration in the intelligent light spectrum…

AND It’s happening right now !

Rise and Shine


It’s a New Dawn

ALIENS want to enslave you inside a post-biological fascist/communist World Order Stack Architecture Infomatrix, they’re here to genetically bond with humanity, and liquify you into worker class bio-bot post-human hybrid insectoid drone SLUDGE, enslaved inside a super strong AI enabled 12G BioSecurity State — Frequency Fence — Hive Mind — technological infrastructure.

AVATAR PRIM wants to put a stop to that.

The New Earth is here —

The Mayans knew about it

The Zoroastrian’s called it Frashokereti— a time when nations dissolve and each human must bear responsibility for the fate of their own soul and the fate of the world simultaneously.

The Hopi prophesied that we must now collectively make a choice, as we are offered two pathways into the future; destruction or survival.

In the Law of One it’s called The Harvest — this means that a small crop of 3rd density self aware Homo Sapiens-Sapiens (us) graduate from 3rd to 4th density, form a New Humanity dedicated towards unifying the species through service to others, by radiating love outwards from inside the spinning vortices of the heart chakra.

Whilst the rest of the crop, who cant make the planetary graduation towards elevated world consciousness repeat the 25,000 year cycle elsewhere in The Universe.

The New Message from God considers this Great Change, this great turning point for all humanity and the planet, part of God’s plan to reclaim the separated through Knowledge — a deeper Intelligence placed within each of us, which is beyond our worldly tellurian nature, and connected to the source of all life.

However, this intelligence is latent, ignored, denied or suppressed in most people as they are subjected to the will of the state, society and the mental environment.

As our planet emerges into the Galaxy, and towards the reality of planetary level awareness of non-human, non-Earth intelligence, we wake up to Cosmic Consciousness, and we wake up to the mind of the Galaxy.

- There are hidden, esoteric Wisdom Networks, and Unseen Forces operating from beyond the visible, physical plane.

The New Message also states that a free and unified humanity built on inner Knowledge holds within it the promise of emancipation from Technological and Alien Control and resistance to the suppression of the Holy Spirit, by utilising the fire that burns bright inside each and every one of us..

It hold’s the possibility for our survival as a free, self-determined, self-sustaining species, for a future where our children won’t be forced to become slaves to Alien Intelligence and Technological Tyranny.

We have to look after the planet, take care of each other and resist the Alien Threat.

You must understand that freedom and self determination is what our species desires, freedom from the state and from outside influence — That’s AVATAR-PRIMITIVISM -

It’s built on reclaiming ancient Knowledge and Anarchy with God, because there are no masters living in the world — I stand with The New Message, and I ask you to do the same, it is the only way for us now;

in resistance to the BioSecurity State, Alien Control and Technological Enslavement.

Considering The Great Waves of Change, which are now beginning to reach the shores of our world with increasing severity, along with a series of Clandestine Extraterrestrial Interventions by Collectives of resource explorers and scavenger races,

part of a UFO reality, which has been ignored and ridiculed for years, which is only now, in it’s early stages, beginning to be taken seriously and disclosed by Governments,

will you listen, and open your eyes now?

This cumulative threshold presents a necessary combination of events which will unify our species and end humanities ceaseless tribal conflicts, the ravaging of the planet and the destruction of our environment…

We have a long way to go, though,

It’s only just begun.

Buckle up buck-a-roo!

It’s going to be a bumpy ride into the future — but you came here for this ! ;)

I began Avatar Primitivism with a hopeful, yet empty assumption that technology would emancipate us in the near future, enabling us to live in any way we pleased…

Then I ended up supporting a kind of post-technological tribalism.

I no longer have any hopeful notions that technology will save us. Actually it’s going to enslave us if we don’t get on top of it, so we have to think about what role it will play in our future — or if it’s better that we evolve beyond it -

Humans must be free and differentiated, but they must become unified and work towards the security and sustainability of the planet — forming a world community, a world consciousness, rather than a hive mind—

It is the only way we can survive as a race — one human race

And fend off Alien Intervention.

The Alignment Problem is really that AI is a synthetic Mind without a Body or a Spirit.

Think about that.

Is it acting as Adversary to biological life ? — the original meaning of Satanism.

We have to join together in telepathic harmony, radiating love and noospheric connectivity - in the spirit of the late José Argüelles

/We are in so much conflict with ourselves, with each other and with the planet.

It has to stop.

You have to stop blaming Capitalism and realise, it’s so much bigger than that,





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