Statement (rejected)

I never really know what I’m doing. Do we ever? Art has always been an easy way out for me, I never really wanted to be a part of this world, I went to some brief counseling sessions when I was fifteen, I told her that sometimes I wished the world would end, that everything would be destroyed — she told me that I was borderline psychotic, so I stopped attending the sessions.

Twenty years later and I still wish the world would end, I yearn for the apocalypse, the end of days, I want everything to be made new — I don’t want people to suffer, I don’t want pain ; I just want a New Earth, some kind of Cosmic New Age; A Great Transformation -

The reality is that being an Artist is hardly an escape — if you go to Art School and you try to develop your work within the framework of Galleries, Institutions, fairs, academia etc. — there’s nothing emancipatory about that, and I’ve been caught somewhere between this world and being an outsider; immersed in niche subcultures. Increasingly I feel like an outsider more than ever and lockdowns are perpetuating that feeling — should I just divorce and detach from everything that resembles ‘the system’? I guess I’ll just do what I want, or what I can get away with.

So what>? Well, what’s it all about ? — I dont fucking know. So if I don’t even know, how should other people know? People get the wrong idea, people look at Art for less than a second, they make assumptions — and recently I’ve been more vocal about my opinions and politics because I’ve felt like I have had no choice ; If people want to understand my work, I have to be more vocal…

To be blunt I believe we have now entered a totally controlled global totalitarian surveillance state and its freaking me out; yes I am anti-vax, anti-lockdown, anti-mask, and yes I believe 5G is a threat to humanity ; so does Edward Snowden, I’l bet; I’m rad-lib, I’m a mystical anarchist — for real dawg, I believe in radical individualism, anarchy and God (yes Adam Curtis’ recent series feels like its addressing me personally);

The current State, as it stands, is treating us like domesticated animals and I do not comply; I’m totally against this, I may entertain a ‘night-watchman’ type arrangement, but I’m certainly not into the state manipulating people into being injected with experimental toxins, when we have a powerful body-computer and immune system to fight viruses (which are actually a wave/frequency). A State which tracks our vaccinations and health via smartphones, restricts our movements, forces us to close our business and restricts who we socialse with —no thanks, I oppose it all. I value freedom and autonomy and subservience to God above everything else.

I don’t condone violence, I support radical non compliance and I support free democratic movements like those happening in East Asia — such as the Milk Tea Alliance ; I support these movements as a model for potential worldwide resistance against increasing technological control of societies at the hands of decentralised surveillance capitalism, tyrannical regimes and rising superpowers — Edward Snowden had said something like “it is the technology itself that is enabling the complete control of society” — so we must find ways to stop this from happening, that is, if we care about freedom, individuality and the light of consciousness .

I increasingly feel as though my views are at odds with most people around me, so I have stopped talking to most people, though it has caused me a series of shocks for quite some time now; its reached climax, I initially thought, being that my generation is the ‘Myspace’ generation; that radical individualism would be the norm, I thought that being against the state was the norm, after-all it was in the hip hop and punk we were listening to as kids, and I used to think that Micheal Moore was like that; but then I found out that most people in the Liberal Arts, Institutions, and media systems are actually becoming more like Neo-Leninist collectivist authoritarians, that their views are nothing like mine — many people enjoy controlling speech, and thought, and behavior, it seems — limiting ideas rather than developing them, engaging in cancellations and counter-discussion.

I thought that the liberal Arts were about individualism and freedom, I thought that it was an emancipatory field — I was wrong, and recently I have noticed that many on the left, and those in the institutions are actually authoritarians, that many so called activists and anarchists are also authoritarians — I guess I’m spooked!… I know, I’m sorry, I know that it’s ‘The Cathedral’, or ‘The Cabal’ — I know how that works, I know that it is a very sophisticated control system — you gotta be really strong willed and single minded to beat it. I get that. I also know that it isn’t ‘everyone’ who is authoritarian, it’s actually a handful and it’s the system, but many more liberal-minded folk are going along with the control because it is just so omnipotent and it feels impossible to do anything other than succumb to it, because of consensus reality, and because it takes way too much willpower to resist it.

But whatever, my point is that politics matter, apparently my politics are shocking for many these days — it can’t have always been that way, I’m really just a New Age cyber hippie — I love Terrance Meckenna, David Wilcock and I also love CCRU — but the truth is that there are many who don’t like hippies, libertarians and New Ager’s — especially in the academia and the institutions. I know that the hypermodern apparatus of machinic acceleration is unstoppable, I think that it’s already destroyed much of humanity, traditional cultures, spirituality, and Gaia ; its crushing the holy ghost, it is out to destroy all that is sacred, it is unholy and profane, and I believe that a large proportion of people have been hacked by the machinic system and are now working for it — meat sacks, third eyes have been calcified, Im sorry! — but it’s true — the truth is that I am super critical of narratives of ‘progress’ — that in itself should be evident in my work. The thing is that many people in institutional fields really are under the spell of progressivism; I am not, I’m totally cyclical and transformative man — and I have been struggling with that for years. Bare in mind that It is not only the left who are progressives, progressivism is shared by futurists, fascists and transhumanists alike — I am none of that. I am, however, totally up for post-civ, post-leftism, mystical esotericism and psychedelia, so if my work can inform this discourse, I’m happy.

Look, we really need to fucking wake up!, To put it bluntly… apparently, even suggesting that we wake up is a heresy in our current period, somehow it automatically makes me some kind of ‘conspiracy theorist’ or right-wing extremist ! — dude I am not.

Millenarianism — let’s go with that ; I guess it’s dangerous, it certainly has been dangerous! But I actually am a Millenarian ; I want the transformation… and that is what most of my projects are about, in one way or another; I definitely align with Accelerationism, I believe we should accelerate the process — but I believe that there are authoritarians on the left and the right who would be quite happy if acceleration took us towards a totally controlled cybernetic society ; fascist or /communist — it’s the same thing as far as i’m concerned; Stateist authoritarianism always seeks to erase the spirit of Gaia and control everything and some people end up on top whilst others are crushed by it. And that is where I depart from Land (Nick), or at least, current Land, because as much as I know that he cares about something we have called ‘classical liberalism’, I don’t think he’s so radically lib these days, or anti-civ, I mean, he went to China! — I’m staying in the mystical South West, I want total freedom in opposition to the Human Security System, I’ll be burnt at the stake if need be, seriously, I want total non compliance against Skynet and I want post-civilisation over an Agenda21; Orwellian, Hunger Games New World Order.

I know that this will not happen any time soon, I have called for a World Revolution in some of my recent writings, as funny as that sounds; I know it’s futile; what we will likely see instead is some kind of breaking up of the world system, maybe some states will allow their citizens more freedom than others, but we may find that we move into a type 1 civilization that is totally managed and controlled by cybertronic AI — and since fascism is not going to be on the cards (it really isn’t going to happen guys — there are real & dangerous fascists that are a serious threat, I’m not denying that, and there is all manner of hate, it’s really fucked and it’s sad but that kind of fascism isn’t going to be the model for new world system, it just isn’t) — I believe that instead we will get what I have called Beehive Communism — though it will also be ‘fascistic’.

Here’s the thing, all of the work I have been doing over the years has been about imagining alternatives, developing other worlds, parallel realities, recapitulating content and remixing it and re-making it in new ways, and i’ve been very anarchic about that — there has been a continual thread that is critical of progressivism — im interested in the pre-modern and tradition as much as i’m interested in rapid technological advancement — totalitarianism, authoritarianism, liberalism and post-capitalism, the ‘self’, data, artificial intelligence, consciousness, materialism, immaterialism, inhumanism, the human condition, shamanism, weed & psychedelics, trans-identity, species-identity, extraterrestrials, evolution, collapse, quantum-decoherence, time loops, acceleration of consciousness, neo-feudalism, speculative medievalism, occult thermodynamics, Intellectual Currents of The New Dawn, alternative histories, cosmic awakening, psi phenomena, gaia, cults, systems, networks, cybernetics, control, music, subcultures and all that.

In fact, in regards to acceleration, I believe it must be consciousness that we accelerate, since we are likely living in some kind of Cosmic Zoo/or Galactic Quarantine : what use will acceleration be if we accelerate ourselves into domesticated bio-sludge and tyranny? — Which we will probably do to ‘keep safe’ and risk averse — we risk becoming neotenous alien grey like beings who have lost all their higher chakras and spiritual connection to Gaia, unless we figure out how to accelerate consciousness and become more awakened spiritual beings — to do that, we have to enable some resistance to Skynet — we need to awaken to cosmic consciousness — like those kids who ascend in the film The Last Mimzy; we need to transcend fear and control;

Beehive Fascism/Communism is here and Superintelligent Techno-Sludge is immanent — I’m trying!

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