The New Accelerationism pt 2.

11 min readJan 8, 2023

Reconciling The Ra Material with The New Message from God.

“It is the world’s emergence into the Greater Community that is fueling this accelerating change, that is fueling the rapid advancement in technology, the collapse of tribal cultures, the integration of the human community. It is a very difficult time to live in. It is filled with conflict, hostility, confusion and personal degradation”

  • Preparing for The Greater Community p.238, Marshall Vian Summers.

Part 1 of The New Accelerationism isn’t on this platform, it’s somewhere else, but I’m not providing a link to it here because I want to encourage people to dig further…

Let’s begin this one with a reminder that NRx aims to facilitate a world system which is defined by fragmentation, private corporate interests and thousands of neocameralist city-states. In other words a total fantasy land for capitalists, nerds and libertarians which is in no way grounded in reality.

This is because the world is currently attempting to become one community, you know, one of those type 1 civilisation things.

All planets where intelligent life has evolved have to become unified planetary civilisations (world states) for their survival once they reach a certain threshold in their evolution. We have now reached that threshold. The real question is, what kind of planetary civilisation should we now polarise towards?

hint: it’s looking like a weak positive.

I have previously made the case in other writings that many of the pre-existing facets of /Acc, however popular, intellectual or widely discussed they may be, are largely unequipped to deal with the real accelerated change that is currently happening here on Earth.

When you actually consider the real challenges that our planet is currently facing, challenges that most people try to avoid, escape from, or hope technology will solve, you begin to see that what humans think they want to happen to the planet, and what is necessary for Earths future unity and survival are quite different from each other.

It’s important to emphasise that most people, Accelerationists non exempting, tend to ignore two important factors;

  • Aliens
  • and (cosmic) Spirituality

People keep asking “what is accelerating?” — but really when you give them the real answer “well the planet is emerging into the greater community of intelligent life in the universe and it’s graduating into a higher vibration of consciousness in the intelligent light spectrum” they don’t want to know.

Here’s an idea, it comes from The Unseen Ones (sorry I adapted it sightly); You can respond to unprecedented change in one of three ways:

  • 1. Retreat back into outmoded traditions and tribal identities (R/Acc).
  • 2. Move away from the situation altogether, living in denial, avoidance and fantasy (L/Acc).

[Desiring a technologically utopian automated welfare system so people can ferment in an illusion actually has more to do with control, but thats covered in other texts].

  • 3. Or, you face the New World Reality head on (S/Acc) !

S/Acc LOL what’s S/Acc ?? — oh you didn’t think Accelerationism was a spiritual thing?

Well it is, every aspect of evolution is spiritual, and since we are living in a time of rapid evolutionary change — Spiritual Accelerationism represents The New Accelerationism that we here at The New Knowledge Network advocate.

I’ve already here and elsewhere explained as briefly and as simply as possible why NRx style fragmentation is not a realistic trajectory for accelerated planetary change. I don’t think it is necessary to dissect and overrun into details and pointless intellectual debate over this. Elsewhere, such as in Alien/Acc (👽/Acc) I have also described why L/Acc limits freedom, results in a loss of human agency and self determination, and fosters a reduction of spirit in subservience to The Sethix System, and therefore why we should avoid it.

The overwhelming majority of advanced technological societies elsewhere in our galaxy and beyond inevitably limit freedom for their citizens, and L/Acc supports this unknowingly, in the truest Orwellian sense. Not only does it polarise towards the negative — tyranny, or a totalitarian world state, it also seeks to provide the means for the weakening of the human race, giving priority to non human, non Earth intelligence, giving over control of the planet and it’s resources to Alien Trading Networks, and fostering a dependence on foreign technology.

I’m not joking about this…

Space Communism might actually not only be a real thing, but the norm in our local Universe — highly collective, hierarchical and totally controlled — limiting individuality, genetic diversity, personal sovereignty, freedom of thought and expression, whilst fostering homogeneity, subservience and conformity to the will of the state and the collective hive mind.

So although I wrote a thesis on Alien/Acc, in reality I actually advocate for a New Spiritually oriented Accelerationism.

And what kind of spirituality am I advocating for?…

“Oh he’s mixing New Age Spirituality with Accelerationism — that makes sense because we already know how much conspiracy theories, the Truther and Wellness Community and Qanon is vexed up with The Right Wing.”

Yes, well that’s the kind of retarded dismissal we will likely hear from the institutionalised progressive left, but thats just a manipulated cover for non-human interests and the fostering of passivity and loss of determination in the indigenous planetary species.

“Pacify the Natives”.

I’m not joking about that either — they (Aliens) have taken over control of the institutions from behind the scenes. Its cunning, covert, sophisticated, highly organised and super intelligent. They are even hiding transmitters inside mountains to lower the frequency of thought and exerting mind control to inoculate the youth and the educated classes against Awakening. You think that sounds crazy? Yeah I admit it does, but it doesn’t make it any less real.

The Ra Material and The New Message from God

Basically, there are two contemporary teachings that I advocate for, which I think provide the most effective framework for Spiritual Acceleration.

These revelations have cosmic, non human, celestial origins. Although this was also the case for all previous communications from higher consciousnesses which were given to Earth centuries and millennia ago— Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism etc…

The difference now is that these communications offer new and updated perspective’s for the New World Reality which we experience today. They are equipped to prepare us for the planetary changes and development of world civilisation as it exists now and increasingly into the future.

One is a communication from Aliens and the other is a communication from Angels.

The Aliens in question are high up in the sixth density of spiritual vibration and no longer need physical bodies or require individual beingness. And the Angels, or Angelic Presence is, at a guess probably way up even higher in the highest octave of 7th density — which is very close to The Mind and Will of The Infinite Creator — therefore truly representing a New Message from God.

The Ra Material (The Law of One) and The New Message represent distinct and separate theological cosmogonies channeled from different entities/consciousness, but I think they are both genuine, real, legitimate and worth following…

However it can become quite confusing when attempting to follow two separate theologies so I’m going to try and reconcile some of the differences and contradictions that I’ve noticed which appear to exist within them, for the sake of monistic exegesis (overcoming dualism)..

You know, I could say, “oh don’t confuse yourself just listen to the Angels they are higher up still. Don’t conflate things with those weird Ra People from Venus.” But The Ra Material is hard to ignore, and in my opinion it actually provides some valuable context to The Message itself.

The reason for this is because, although one claims to be a true communication from God, interpreted and translated into human language by the Angelic Council that oversees the development of our world, and the other claims to be a communication from a sixth density social memory complex originally from Venus and now living on the surface of our Sun — both offering different perspectives and expressions of The Creator, I think, essentially the two communications are more congruent than they are conflicted… Even if one is significantly closer to the true word and intention of God than the other.

So let’s explore this now…

Oneness vs Separation.

We’ve got Unified Quantum Field Theory now so we already know from The New Physics that it’s all One, infinite and very likely conscious and intelligent, all the way down, everywhere, all of the time, for eternity.

Wow. Big of true. The New Message, however, emphasises that we are living in a state of separation from our Source. So, as much as it might all be One at the deepest level of reality, in the physical manifest reality that we experience, it doesn’t really appear to play out that way.

We experience a separated existence,

which is what gives rise to the distortions, the conflicts and the sense of alienation that defines concurrent physical reality…

This makes sense because are you going to tell someone who has just been made homeless, suffers from PTSD and alcoholism — “bruhh no worries it’s all One maan”, No. Even though it is all One, and there is no true separation, we still experience separation to various degrees and intensities in the physical reality.

The Message itself is aimed at the overcoming of separation through Knowledge — which is a process of basically becoming more attuned to the Divine Spark and innate intelligence which God has placed within you. This inevitably leads you back towards the ending of Separation — oneness, wholeness and following the Will and The Plan which The Creator has given you.

In The Ra Material this is described a little differently as it is defined by a process of graduation and elevation in consciousness — evolving upwards through the intelligent light spectrum (or Chakra System) by way of an increase in spiritual density, catalysed by intelligent energy provided by the Sun body, which is defined as a sub-Logos of God.

This process of ending the separation through The Reclamation of Knowledge in The New Message and evolving beyond distortion and up through the harmonics of light densities in The Ra Material is essentially the same thing, it’s just given a different filter, and coming from a different perspective.

The Ra Material however, states that you can still graduate by upwards evolution in density and skip over some of the intelligent light energy provided by the sub-Logos (Sun) in the green zone, thus polarising negative (Service to Self) and therefor appearing to deepen the Separation somewhat. In The Message this would be defined as “not following Knowledge”.

However Ra states that this is only a temporal experience as all conscious entities eventually reach a stage where, in order to advance and evolve further, shift to positive and attune to Oneness, or in the words of The Unseen “All separation will be ended eventually, but it can take a very long time” — hence in The Ra Material we get “sevenfold sub densities”.

How long this takes is really up to you, which leads us to our next dichotomy…

No Mistakes vs Mistakes.

There are no mistakes in The Law Of One, but if you become a Student of Knowledge and you take The Steps to Knowledge you soon come to realise that there certainly are errors and mistakes that you, and everyone else around you keep making which in truth, keeps you in a state of spiritual poverty.

The idea of following Knowledge is geared up to stop you making those mistakes and accelerate your spiritual evolution, whilst you gradually overcome The Separation. This too, makes sense, because are you going to do something really bad like, well you can think of obvious blatant terrible things for yourself and then say “oh well there are no mistakes in the Law of One”. No that would be really stupid and irresponsible, wouldn’t it?

But it’s not even that, imagine someone shoves a chocolate in your face and demands you eat it. You decline because you already had a cake earlier and you just don’t want it, but they persist, so you end up eating it because you’ve basically been manipulated into doing so, and now you feel sick.

That was a mistake, you didn’t want it or need it — don’t try to pretend otherwise, your weak! Maybe you’ll learn from it and you’ll decline and listen to yourself rather than the persuasions of that person next time, but it was still a mistake.

The point here is that although in the wider scheme of things perhaps there aren’t really any mistakes because it’s all a process of learning and evolution, you have to ask, is this really a useful thing to tell people?

All this perspective does is foster a kind of irresponsibility and passivity, which we often see in certain types of New Age thinking, and can actually render people spiritually impotent, and vulnerable to Luciferic influences.

You could actually spend all of your life sitting around tripping on DMT and listening to hi-tek psytrance, before you realise that you should have probably done a lot more with your life, and could have achieved remarkable things, but now it’s too late, but never mind, “there are no mistakes”.

The Angelic Council’s emphasis on recognising errors and mistakes, rather than “Do what thou wilt…” supports the idea of following the Knowledge which God has placed within you, which in The New Message is aimed at orientating you towards following your true purpose and plan according to your design — which is in accordance with the will of The Creator.

This is because what is defined as the Free Will Distortion in The Law of One allows you to go against your Knowledge and deepen your Separation — and whilst you can do that if you like, it’s really up to you and Knowledge within you whether you define living in denial, avoidance and fantasy as a mistake or not.

In summary…

Choosing the path of Service to Others / Following Knowledge sets your soul on a course back towards Oneness and away from Separation. Consequently this in turn contributes towards the positive polarisation and evolution of the entire planet — or Harmonic Convergence, as José Argüelles described it.

This process, which you would rightly think of as Planetary Advance, is both individual and collective, and defined as Spiritual Accelerationism because, in the words of Ra, a humble messenger of The Law of One;

“There are at this space/time nexus beings incarnate which have begun fourth-density work. However, the third-density climate of planetary consciousness is retarding the process.”


There’s probably more I could talk about here but I don’t think it’s needed. My aim for writing this text is that I want to encourage people to start thinking about The Acceleration Process as part of a cosmic, spiritual and evolutionary reality — because Accelerationism is rarely considered in this way. My other writings on this platform and more so elsewhere provide more context for this.

A New Theology for Unprecedented Planetary Change is now emerging in our current timeframe and people really need to get up to speed with that.


I’ll finish with this.

“THE WORLD IS PREPARING TO EMERGE into the Greater Community of Worlds, and this underlies its evolution and all of its advancements now. That is why conflict is erupting in the world, because those who oppose the evolution of the world will fight against it.

Those who wish to further the advancement of the world will attempt to fortify the goodness of humanity and the sense that humanity is one community that must nurture and support itself beyond all division of nation, race, religion, culture and tribe.

Thus it is that you who are becoming a representative and recipient of Knowledge will fortify peace, unity, understanding and compassion in the world. All this is part of the preparation of the world to emerge into the Greater Community of Worlds, because this represents the evolution of the world. This represents Knowledge within the world.”

Steps to Knowledge. Step 325.